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St. Stephen’s Band Camp

St. Stephen’s Youth Band is holding a Bandcamp to:

  1. Jam a lot.
  2. Record some of our songs.
  3. Write, learn, and practice songs for next year.

July 5, 6 and 7 from 10am to 3:30pm (BYO lunch)

Sign up to be added to the list or e-mail for more information.


Important note: You DO NOT have to already be a part of the band (or this church) to participate. Especially if you sing or play trumpet 🙂

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Courage Quest 2017

courage quest

Life is both exhilarating and scary for children in the upper elementary grades (3rd – 6th). On one hand, their gaining confidence, expanding their horizons, doing more things on their own. On the other hand, they may be experiencing the pain of bullies, the disappointment of failure, and the fear of entering unknown territory in some many different arenas.  Those of us watching from the safety of adulthood see our children begin to show signs of adolescence. During this time of life, children have one foot firmly planted in childhood, and the other gingerly reaching toward the vastly different world of adolescence. So, how do we help children to navigate this transition? Through an over-night retreat called Courage Quest, to be held March 25-26, 2017, where at least one parent and their 3rd through 6th grade student come together to explore what it means to live courageously for Christ. Register using the form below  or click here for the event flyer. Register by March 12, 2017. 

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2017 Ski Trip

We’re going to Whitetail Ski Resort in Pennsylvania, 93 miles from the St. Stephen’s UMC parking lot, on an all-day trip that starts at 6:30 am and that ends at St. Stephen’s about 8:00 pm, all on Monday, February 6, which is an FCPS student holiday.  Costs range from $64 for a lift ticket, for those who bring their own equipment, to $92 for a first-timer’s package including helmet, equipment, group lesson, and lift ticket.  For more experienced skiers, there are packages for $103 that includes the easiest slopes, to $116 for an all-mountain lift ticket.  The packages all include helmets, which we recommend very seriously.  (I always wear one, and think they add a degree of safety that’s really sensible these days.) We have scholarships available for anyone who asks.

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2017 Middle School Retreat


This weekend retreat is for 7th-8th graders. It’s run by the same folks that do Jeremiah Project, our Middle School Summer Mission Trip. The band, the speakers, the games, the massive toys, everything looks awesome. We hope you can come. Sign-up to save your spot and get more information about this trip, using the form below

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  • Price: $50.00 Quantity:

    The total cost of the trip is $140. We are collecting a $50 non-refundable deposit per youth today and the remaining $90 at departure. Leave this field blank and email Pastor Drew if you would like to talk about a scholarship or partial payment. If you choose to pay the deposit today, you will be taken to PayPal to complete payment securely when you click 'submit.'

2017 Let it Glow January Lock-in



The Plan: Meet at St. Stephen’s on Friday January 13 at 7pm. Party til 9pm. Then, leave on a bus to go to Ultrazone in Bailey’s Crossroads for Lazertag and fun until 1am. Then, return to St. Stephen’s for sleep or more fun until 8am Saturday January 14.

Who should Come? You and all your friends.

Do we have to sign-up? Yes. We only have 56 spots on the bus, so please register using the form below.

How much does it cost? $20 ahead of time (see form below), $40 at the door.

Does everyone need a form? Yes, all youth need a form signed by an adult (parent or the adult responsible for the group). Click HERE to download the Permission Form.

Will we sleep? Maybe. There will be places to sleep, yes. But we’ll have activities planned for all night.

Should we eat before arriving? Yes. There will be food, but please eat a meal beforehand.

Can we come late? We will take new arrivals up until 8:30pm. After that, the “doors close.”

Can we leave early? Yes. But, we ask that you make a plan for when you’ll be picked up, and try to make it happen at one of the planned-pick-up times (see form below).

Other questions? Please feel free to e-mail us.

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Hypothermia Sheltering: January 2017


January 1 to 8, 2017

Your help is needed: meals, visiting, driving!

Volunteer with Hypothermia Sheltering

St. Stephen’s will be serving as a shelter for 25 to 40 homeless men and women again this year!

Whether you have an hour or several hours to donate, your help is needed and greatly appreciated:

  • Late afternoons and evenings: opening up, hosting, cooking dinner, preparing bag lunches, talking with guests
  • Overnight: serving as a host, fixing coffee, talking
  • Mornings: setting out breakfast, hosting, fixing coffee, cleaning

Breakfast volunteers will be expected to put out breakfast and lunch items, and to clean as necessary.

Evening Volunteers will be expected to assist with putting out snacks, and visiting with our guests.

FACETS staff will be present for all shifts. Email Pastor Drew or Cathy Liverman with any questions.

Your donations are also needed: travel size toiletries; adult socks, underwear, gloves, and hats; $5 McDonalds gift cards.

Click HERE to view and sign up for available times.


5k Videos


Just like athletes training to compete in a race, Christians follow spiritual practices to empower them on the journey of faith.  To raise awareness of St. Stephen’s new Adult Discipleship plan, we’re doing a 5k together as a church on Saturday October 29 at 9:00 am.  We’re doing it at Lake Accotink Park, and you can run, walk, or observe and celebrate.  We will meet at the main pavilion. Watch the videos below for more information, or click the image above to register!


St. Stephen’s 5k from St. Stephens UMC on Vimeo.

St. Stephen’s 5k Part 2 from St. Stephens UMC on Vimeo.

St. Stephen's 5k Part 3 from St. Stephens UMC on Vimeo.

Our Primary Relationship

Our Primary RelationshipOctober 2016MORE

How many vital, active relationships do you have? Setting aside acquaintances and counting those with whom you share a significant connection, what do you come up with? Of those, which are the most vital relationships? Which are the ones you consider crucial? Which are indispensable, enduring, and thoroughly healthy?

If we linger with this exercise long enough, we come to the point of understanding that our relationship with God is our truly primary relationship. It’s the one that can legitimately address our core needs and strengthen us so that we can bring health into our other relationships. If we can gain this vantage point, and work on developing this primary relationship, some other things start to fall into place. Whether it’s how to approach and cope with the looming presidential election, find our place in the new Adult Discipleship Plan at St. Stephen’s, or respond joyfully to our church’s fall stewardship campaign, approaching all things as a dialogue with God makes all the difference.

From October 16 through October 30, we’ll share a sermon series called “Our Primary Relationship” where we’ll take a look at how to identify and nurture this one relationship from which everything else flows. So, bring a friend and join us for worship in October!

St. Stephen’s 5k


Just like athletes training to compete in a race, Christians follow spiritual practices to empower them on the journey of faith.  To raise awareness of St. Stephen’s new Adult Discipleship plan, we’re doing a 5k together as a church on Saturday October 29 at 9:00 am.  We’re doing it at Lake Accotink Park, and you can run, walk, or observe and celebrate.  We will meet at the main pavilion. Register using the form below, or CLICK HERE to learn more.

Faith Flix


Our belief in God’s “prevenient grace” teaches us that God’s Spirit is active at all times and in all places, waking people to their need for, and drawing people closer to, the Lord. If we take this teaching seriously, we can expect to find the Spirit speaking through the most unlikely people and in the most unlikely places- yes, even Hollywood!

Secular movies may be the last place we expect to discover a word from God. Every now and then, however, a message bearing the image of Christ emerges so powerfully and so compellingly, even from films whose writers had no intention to offer a Christian message, that we would do well to sit up and take notice.

I’ve asked you to suggest movies in which you’ve discovered a message bearing the image of Christ. You’ve given me some wonderful suggestions, and I’ve seen why you’ve found them so powerful. From Sept. 11 through October 2, our sermon series will be “Faith Flix.” Over the course of these four weeks, we’ll see if we can hear the Lord speaking through four movies you suggested:

1) “Secondhand Lions” picked by Susan Fofi,

2) “Wall-E” chosen by Kimberly Zielinski,

3) “Forrest Gump” (PG-13) suggested by Lorac Lawton, and

4) “It’s a Wonderful Life” mentioned by Darlene Allison.

If you are able (taking their ratings into account) to view these movies before we wrestle with them in church, our worship experience will be enhanced on those days. If we are able to remember that God speaks through the most unlikely people and in the most unlikely places to wake us to our need for him, we may just hear a word from the Lord.