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The Lamb Center

The Lamb Center is a faith-based organization located near Fairfax Circle that is supported by many churches within Fairfax County. Their mission is to serve the poor and the homeless in our community, transforming lives and sharing God’s love. The Center provides a very special place for those who seek God’s plan in their lives.

St. Stephen’s Lamb Center Support: Once a year, during the month of May, we support the Center by collecting and delivering items needed to maintain services and the support of their guests. Each May we ask members of our congregation to fill one standard grocery bag with items from a “Need List” provided by the Lamb Center. These items range from food, shaving cream, socks, plastic bags, etc. to Costco gift cards that will help the Center buy needed supplies.

What Can You Do? In May, take a grocery bag home with you and fill it (as best you can) with items from the list provided. Would you be willing to do that? You are not expected to completely fill the bag, just contribute what you can or what you are comfortable giving.

To better Understand: Please visit to gain a much better understanding of the Christian love and the services you will be helping to provide those in desperate need. And be sure to watch the video.