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What is Summercon?

What is Summercon?

Summercon is Summer Baptism and Confirmation prep for High School students who have not been confirmed, or who want another opportunity to explore their faith. Any High Schooler is welcome, but it is particularly designed for folks who are considering making a commitment to the Christian Way of life for the first time, or once again.

Over 3 days, we explore faith while going on day-long adventures around the region. You can expect to travel on foot, by car, by metro, and by canoe.

And… what is confirmation?

Confirmation is a step forward in Christian spiritual life where we make a conscious decision to affirm or reaffirm our devotion to Jesus Christ and the church. It is a fulfillment of the baptism many of us received as children. If you were never baptized as a child, confirmation is unnecessary (as there is nothing to ‘confirm’). Instead, those that are never baptized make the conscious decision to affirm their faith for the first time and receive the sacrament of baptism.


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