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Beginners’ Tool Box: How to Invite People to Church

Some people are just naturals when it comes to inviting people to church. For others, baby steps are needed. If you are excited about St. Stephen’s and want to share that excitement, here are some basic tools to help you invite others to church. Anybody can do these!


Magnetic Business Card

Take a pen or two from church (really, it’s OK) and the next time you are signing the credit card at your favorite area restaurant, leave the church pen in the folder.

Take a magnetized business card from church and put it on your desk at work or the side of your car. When you notice someone looking at it, just say, “That is my church and I love it!” Or just take a handful of business cards and keep them handy in your pocket or purse, ready to give one when the Spirit provides an opportunity.

Take a bag from church and put it with the bags you take to the store. Just use it as you would your other cloth bags and be prepared to tell people about St. Stephen’s if they should ask.

Put our bumper sticker on your car (but be sure to drive in a way that is a good witness!) and give new purpose to bumper to bumper traffic.

You know the difference St. Stephen’s has made in your life. Now invite others to know what you know. Simple tools, baby steps, that God will use in amazing ways!

Pastor Marg