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Did You Know. . .

. . . you can recycle almost all of your unneeded castways? Maybe you’ve got some clothes that don’t fit.  Or you’ve discovered a box of clothes and toys from your kids who are now in college.  Don’t just toss them.  Think of St. Stephen’s Grace Ministry where all of those items will be made available to families in need.  Or look for other groups like Purple Heart or Goodwill that will put them to good use.
. . . that laptops can actually save you money? Laptops are increasingly popular because they’re so mobile compared to a desktop.  But did you know that most laptops are more environmentally friendly than a comparable desktop?  A typical desktop will cost $24 in electrical use while a laptop will run $6.
. . . that the pre-rinse cycle in the dishwasher wastes money?. Tests by Consumer Reports found that pre-rinse cycles didn’t produce cleaner dishes, used more electricity and required more than 6,500 gallons of water per year.
. . . that idling more than ten seconds takes more gas than turning your car off and re-starting? Fifteen minutes of idling per weekday can cost you up to $100 per year. It also creates twice the emissions of a car in motion.
. . . that you can use cardboard and newspaper in your garden?  Newspaper with soy inks and corrugated cardboard that is unbleached without glue or staples can go between plants.  Covered with mulch, it’s a great barrier against weeds, it retains moisture superbly (reducing watering demands and preventing your plants and flowers from burning up in summer).  Finally it decomposes in about a year and enhances your soil.
. . . that you can reduce the amount of water you get billed for and also shave your heating bill at the same time?  Install a high-efficiency shower head.  It will reduce hot water use by up to 50% over the course of a year.
. . . you probably need to add insulation? Approximately 80% of older homes are under-insulated.  Properly insulating and sealing your home can cut your heating and cooling bills by 10% each year.