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Pet Store Puppy Problems


Never buy a puppy from a pet store–they almost always come from puppy mills.  Puppy mills are breeding factories with as many as 1,200 dogs many of which never leave their breeding cages during their lives.  Puppy mills are inhumane and also produce neurotic and unhealthy dogs (since females are mated as early as possible and continuously).  Puppy mills also generate tremendous amounts of dog waste that is usually handled irresponsibly.  Dogs are usually just forced to defecate in their crates (which are stacked on top of each other), than hosed down and the manure runs off into the watershed.  The most common tool localities use for shutting down puppy mills are pollution and environmental laws.   By buying a pet store puppy you’re providing economic support for puppy mills—which not only is bad for dogs but bad for the environment.