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Uncommon Recyclables

It’s great if you’re an active recycler.  But some items may not be accepted for your local recycling program yet still be useful to others.  Foam packing peanuts are a great example—most mail service outlets will gladly take them.  Almost all dry cleaners will gladly take surplus metal hangers that you’d otherwise throw out.  There are a number of organizations that gladly take old cellphones (which can still be useful for 911 calls).  Some electronic stores will take old electronics and pull out memory or cables.  Some neighborhoods or cul-de-sacs will have a season junk exchange where neighbors put out unwanted items that other neighbors can take (like that old fish tank or the soccer balls that you no longer need).  All of these actions either keep items out of landfills/incinerators or delay their arrive by getting a few more uses before they’re trashed.