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October 11, 2015


Sunrise on Sea of Galilee
Sunrise on Sea of Galilee


Prayer for Illumination

Living God, open my heart, mind, and body to experience you in this reading of scripture, that in experiencing you I might grow into someone who brings you honor. Amen.


Please read the Gospel of Mark in its entirety today.


Depending on what resource you use to read Mark today, you will notice that the Gospel has multiple endings. Most academics agree that the earliest versions of Mark ended at 16:8 and you may remember that that is where our storyteller ended as well.

We encourage you to take a moment after reading today to notice where your mind and heart went as you read. What happened during this reading?

Opportunity for Action

We encourage you to continue to read your Bible daily. If you need a suggested text, consider reading Genesis and Exodus as one sweeping narrative in a few sittings over the next week.

Closing Prayer

Offer your own prayer or simply close your time of reflection with the Lord’s Prayer spoken aloud.