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Committed to Christ


In January we began our Committed to Christ theme for 2015 with an invitation to join in a year of decision and commitment toward the goal of becoming fully devoted disciples of Jesus Christ. Worship was our first spiritual discipline “focus” with the sermon series “Best Year Ever”, committing to make worship a priority in our daily lives. We followed in March with Prayer, including several successful small group activities in learning how to grow in our prayer, and the sermon series “Making Prayer our First Language”. In April and May, the focus was on Service with book discussions, the “Save the World Weekend” and the “Sent” sermon series. In August we began “#storiesmatter”, a six week period where we heard stories of faith from religious figures of the past as well as from our own congregation, all part of the discipline of Witness. As you read this article we will be concluding Bible Reading, with sermons from the “You Can Read the Bible” series, weekly small groups and daily guides focusing on the Gospel of Mark, culminating with “The Gospel of Mark Live”, a story-teller experience on October 4th.

“Financial Giving” is the next spiritual discipline of Committed to Christ and will include this year’s fall Stewardship program.

The Stewardship Team, chaired by Jeanne and Jim Sclater, will work within the framework of the Committed to Christ theme to support our efforts toward the goal of becoming fully devoted disciples of Jesus Christ. Our Stewardship Celebration Sunday will be November 8th. We invite you to grow one step in your giving this year and continue to grow in your spiritual faith as you have throughout the year in the disciplines of Worship, Prayer, Service, Witness and Bible Reading.

-Don Jenkins, Committed to Christ Coordinator