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Did You Know?

The SPPRC is running a new 6 week series titled, “Did you know?” We will a new fun fact about our new Senior Pastor, Pastor Mark Mrini, each week until his first Sunday, July 5.

FUN FACT #1: Three things Pastor Mark, Pastor Abi, and Pastor Drew have in Common: 1-All have two Masters Degrees including their Masters of Divinity; 2-All have been youth ministers prior to arriving at St. Stephen’s; and, 3-All have a genuine love and passion for reaching people for Christ!

FUN FACT #2: Growing up in New York City, some of Pastor Mark’s favorite early childhood memories were playing in the woods (yes, there are woods there), basketball, stickball, and touch football on a dead-end street.

FUN FACT #3: Since we are in the first week of the 2015 Atlantic hurricane season, did you know that Pastor Mark was born during the costliest hurricane at that time in History? It is still in the top ten costliest of all hurricanes. Can you guess what year Pastor Mark was born?

FUN FACT #4: Pastor Mark’s favorite food is Thai!  Know any good Thai restaurants nearby? Share your favorite with him.

FUN FACT #5: Since school has just concluded and lots of young people are searching for summer jobs, thought you might like to know that Pastor Mark had several jobs before answering his call to the ministry.  Two in particular were as an actor/extra on Sesame Street and as an usher for Symphony Space, a NYC theater.  Guess which one he was asked not to come back to because he was misbehaving?

FUN FACT #6: Since the 2015 Tour de France starts next Saturday, July 4th, did you know that Pastor Mark and two friends took 17 days and rode bicycles through New England.  Their goal was to camp in all seven states along the way.  They made it just before their knees gave out!