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Letter from Browne Education Campus

Dear St. Stephen’s:


We continue to be humbled by your generosity. The Browne EC family was overwhelmed with your outpouring of love to our needy families at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Our underserved population often find themselves with very little for the holidays. You made their days brighter with the bountiful bags of food at a time when they were so needed.

Also, you have enhanced our students’ literacy with the donation of books—Ashley Bryan’s Puppets for our elementary students and Lockdown for our middle school students. You ensured that each of our students received a book at Christmastime.

You never leave anyone out! You generously gave a text — World Peace and Other 4th Grade Achievements — to each of our classroom teachers. We plan to have a book study later in the year.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We all feel valued and loved. Please visit the school to see the students and teachers teaching and learning.


Andre Samuels, Principal