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Letter from Pastor Marg

Dear Friends,

Marg Kutz picture

It hardly seems possible, but the year I am to be with you has nearly come to an end. On Sunday, June 28, I will greet you one last time, then the next day Two Men and a Truck will come to move our few items back to Chester, VA.

From the moment I got a phone call from District Superintendent Smith, this appointment has felt like a gift to me. There was something that seemed unfinished when I retired in 2013 that now feels complete. I am grateful for the privilege of serving our God with you.

People often ask me about this year out of retirement. I tell them “St. Stephen’s is a wonderful church with incredible staff, leaders, congregation, ministry and future.” I hope you know what a blessed people you are. So many churches all around you are struggling, even dying. But God has given you a different spirit and you are faithful, even bold in living it out.

My greatest concern in coming to St. Stephen’s for just one year, was that we would just mark time together, that I would simply be a place holder. But you have not allowed me to do that and I am again so very grateful for what we have been able to do together in God’s providence. We have had two very successful Mission Sundays, reviewed and revised our policies, initiated a comprehensive new adult spiritual formation process, held a conversation on race relations, multiplied our Stephen Ministry by nearly three,

are in the initial stages of a ministry with adults with cognitive impairment, completed the five year plan and are nearly done in developing the next plan, as well as celebrated communion, baptisms, weddings, and entry into eternal life.

I cannot begin to express my gratitude for your graciousness to Bob and me. God surely has amazing dreams for St. Stephen’s and we are grateful that we have been allowed this small part. You will always be a part of our lives.