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Ministry Council

What’s the Ministry Council? And What Are They Doing?

Fellowship Committee – What’s Up with That?

The Fellowship Committee is one of many groups with a representative voting voice on the Ministry Council.  The purpose of this update is to share with the readers what the Fellowship Committee does to serve the people of St. Stephen’s UMC.  First, the goal  of the Fellowship Committee is to provide food and drinks for SSUMC events, such as Easter sunrise service breakfast, box lunches for the Family Map Day, cakes for the Confirmation Sunday (to include individual cakes for the confirmands), hails and farewells of pastors and staff, and the annual picnic, to name a few.  Last year the Fellowship Committee provided food for more than 2500 people in service to our SSUMC family.   We use our hands and hearts and recipes in “Serving others through Fellowship”.  It takes a lot of planning and preparing for each event, but like any committee, we have a lot of help – both formal and ad hoc.

For the formally assigned, we have two co-chairpersons – Sandra Gregory and Dave Richards – and seven other committee members — Anna Antequera, Ebenezer Dadzie, Charles Lloyd, Polly Miller, Melva Plaza, Ester Richards, and Sonja Tussing — who provide their service in making the best meals possible for the congregation and guests.  Each committee member serves for a 3-year term. Additionally, we have ad hoc help from Sunday school classes, such as Sharing and Caring, and the Junior and Senior High School Bible Study Groups, in food preparation and preparation duties.  As an outreach, we take fresh leftover food to The Lamb Center in Fairfax.

Besides food preparation and food serving the committee is responsible for setting up the tables, chairs, and serving areas, and leading the clean-up efforts.  It is always a blessing to have extra help from the congregation in set up and clean up associated with each event.  It is amazing, and very much appreciated, to witness so many people helping before and after a fellowship event.  It takes many hands and strong backs to make an event happen successfully – the praise goes to God in watching the community pull together.

So, we’re the not-so-magic food machine in the kitchen for many of the SSUMC events.  We are grateful to provide food and drinks for social events that bring our church family closer together.  Please stop by and join us in the kitchen, if you like to cook, have fellowship, and use your talents in serving God.  We have fun!