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Thank You to Boy Scout Troop #1131!

St. Stephen’s has been helping to prepare and deliver meals to residents living in motels along the Rt. 50 corridor in Fairfax-Chantilly for at least 20 years. Working under the direction of FACETS, a Fairfax award-winning nonprofit organization, volunteers from our church have delivered meals quarterly. Most recently, members of St. Stephen’s UMC-sponsored Boy Scout Troop #1131 and leaders Amy Varias and Sue Baker have been responsible for planning the meals, purchasing the food, cooking the warm dinner and a bag lunch for the following day, and then delivering everything.

Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, their parents and leaders have worked tirelessly in this Outreach effort for approximately ten years. Because these motels are not normally equipped with kitchen facilities, this food ministry is a necessity for those who reside there, many of whom have been placed by the County or State as the families await openings in affordable housing. Others of the clients are homeless, living in woods, and they pick up these meals in the parking lots adjacent to the motels. Before the Boy Scouts and the Scout co- leader Phil Steinberg adopted the program, it was managed by James and Janie Enos-Edu. St. Stephen’s was well-known for its “Great Food!” With Amy and Sue as planners and purchasers, St. Stephen’s made great efforts to retain this reputation.

Different groups of boys worked preparing the food, delivering it and cleaning up the kitchen. The logistics of delivering the food to four or five locations, and keeping count of clients while at the same time making sure that people were served respectfully and kindly were not simple. The project required the skills and teamwork of many young men and their leaders or parents.

The Outreach Committee would like to publicly thank each member of Boy Scout Troop #1131 as well as the leaders Amy Varias, Sue Baker, and Phil Steinberg for their tireless work in this FACETS meals project. After June they will no longer be leading the project; we are looking for a new group to undertake this ministry. Contact Judy Ryan (703) 978-0096 for more information.