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Your Manger Ministry – Update: February 2016

Again this year the people of St. Stephen’s opened their hearts in support of the homeless in our community. With your Christmas Eve Gifts to the Manger, St. Stephen’s will be able to continue reaching out to those in need of housing and the additional services required to provide them with a new start in life, if that’s what they want. The total 2015 Manger collection came to $43,326 and we are exceedingly grateful for your generosity. With those funds we will be able to continue our support of the two families we currently sponsor through Homestretch and we will also continue our support of homeless singles through New Hope Housing.

We will also continue to maintain a small in-house fund for the purpose of assisting various families and/or individuals made known to us, who are either homeless or in immediate danger of becoming homeless.

You may recall that the goal of Homestretch is more than just placing families into homes; it is ending poverty and propelling those families into financial independence. New Hope Housing has similar goals but our involvement with them is focused more on single adults who usually need various professional services to become self-sufficient.

If you feel called to work with the homeless, please talk with any member of the Manger Ministry Group. There are various service opportunities available at Homestretch as well as areas of need involving the singles population served by New Hope. Volunteer examples range from ESOL, GED, computer and kid tutoring, to painting, fix-up projects, yard work and more. If you would like one of us to come and talk to your small group about volunteering or just to talk in general about the ministry, please let us know, we would be happy to do so.

And we thank you once again for your very generous support.
Kent Eshelman * Cathy Liverman * Jeanne Sclater
Gary Klinger * Lesley Hatch * Julie Bryant