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Farewell from Marty Johnson


Dear members of the congregation, Preschool Committee, SPRC, staff and Preschool families,

I am overwhelmed by your thoughtfulness and time taken by so very many of you last Sunday and this last week. Your generosity is much appreciated as I figure my next steps in the future and how delighted my family will be to enjoy the wonderful offerings at Wolf Trap. In addition, the sweet statue of children playing will always be a joyful memory for me. Hopefully their spirited look will welcome many children as they enter the preschool and church doors, to be charmed with our exciting days of caring, playing and learning. Thank you all for allowing this to be my “home away from home,” providing the foundation for literally thousands of children to learn and be inspired through your many ways of outreach to the community. Indeed, my thoughts will be with all of you as September opens the 46th wonderful session of preschool with the talented teachers under the awesome direction of Ms. Donna Wilson-Peal and Ms. Carole Smith. Hoorah!

Marty Johnson