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Built On A Firm Foundation



The Search for Meaning

Last October, we featured a sermon series called “Building a Happy Life,” based on four psalms that begin with the word “Happy.” (Psalms 1, 32, 41, 112). Several months later, someone suggested that we probe the question from a different angle. Instead of asking, “What does it take to have a happy life?” think about “What does it take to have a meaningful life?” I pondered that suggestion for several months and discussed it with others. The result is this October’s sermon series, called “Built on a Firm Foundation.”

Last year we used the image of a house as we tried to picture building a happy life. For this year, meaningfulness seems to be going deeper. We will use the image of the foundation to illustrate the depth of life’s meaning.

It is very telling that Jesus talks about life’s foundation in the final words of His famous Sermon on the Mount. In Matthew 7:24-27, He tells of two people who build their homes on different foundations. One builds on sand; the other, on solid rock. When the storms hit, the one built on solid rock stands firm, but the one built on sand gets washed away. The houses are both the same from the ground up. What differs is their foundation. Jesus is telling us that the foundation is decisive for a life that will stand against the winds of change, temptation, tragedy, etc. “On Christ the solid rock I stand,” the famous hymn says.

In this sermon series, we will explore the ingredients of a firm foundation. First, we will talk about staking our claim, then about digging down deep, then about importance of reaching solid rock, and finally about building on that foundation something that will last. Each week, we will feature individuals who will give a personal testimony about that week’s theme. We will have visual props to help us see as well as hear about these foundational ingredients.

Through it all, we shall be focusing on how we find meaning for our lives. Each week offers a different perspective on that search. Together, they create a time-tested Christian response to the perennial human quest about how and where we find out what is the meaning of our life. It is a foundational question with which we all wrestle in our own ways. My conviction is that God has not left us without an answer. I invite you to come and explore this foundational series and discover or rediscover the answer God reveals in the Holy Word.

The week-by-week details are included below.

 —Pastor Jeff

October 6 – “Staking Your Claim,” Joshua 24:1, 14-15, with testimony on “Why Christ”

October 13 – “Digging Deeper,” Luke 10:38-42, United Methodist Women celebrate 50 years

October 20 – “Rock Solid” Luke 6:46-49, with testimony on “Making It Through the Storm”

October 27 –“Built to Last” 1 Timothy 6:6-19, with testimony on “Investing in Eternity”