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Dealing with Change

Right around this time of year, our rhythms change rapidly. Christmas is coming. New Years is coming. We make plans. We make arrangements and shift schedules. For some of us, this change is welcome. We enjoy the break from routine. For others of us, this change is disruptive and stressful. We wish things could simply go on like normal.

In the grand scheme of things, change can be much more than disruptive and stressful. It can be debilitating. If I’ve had the same job for twenty years, losing my job means losing more than just a paycheck. If I’ve always been single, getting married means changing how I make every decision. If I’ve never had a dog before, a new puppy is going to be a serious challenge. If I’ve always lived in my own home, moving to assisted living is just not the same.

If I’ve seen the same group of friends every week for as long as I can remember, the end of those gatherings shakes up my whole world. Change is not always easy.

The season of Advent is all about change. Change we can’t stop. Change we can’t control. Change that is ultimately good. God is coming in the flesh. This month, we’ll share a sermon series called “Dealing With Change: The Power of Advent.” We’ll follow the familiar story leading up to Christmas, while soaking up its unique perspective in dealing with change. We’ll explore ways to help us face changes in our lives. Bring a friend and join us for worship this Advent!