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Faith Flix


Our belief in God’s “prevenient grace” teaches us that God’s Spirit is active at all times and in all places, waking people to their need for, and drawing people closer to, the Lord. If we take this teaching seriously, we can expect to find the Spirit speaking through the most unlikely people and in the most unlikely places- yes, even Hollywood!

Secular movies may be the last place we expect to discover a word from God. Every now and then, however, a message bearing the image of Christ emerges so powerfully and so compellingly, even from films whose writers had no intention to offer a Christian message, that we would do well to sit up and take notice.

I’ve asked you to suggest movies in which you’ve discovered a message bearing the image of Christ. You’ve given me some wonderful suggestions, and I’ve seen why you’ve found them so powerful. From Sept. 11 through October 2, our sermon series will be “Faith Flix.” Over the course of these four weeks, we’ll see if we can hear the Lord speaking through four movies you suggested:

1) “Secondhand Lions” picked by Susan Fofi,

2) “Wall-E” chosen by Kimberly Zielinski,

3) “Forrest Gump” (PG-13) suggested by Lorac Lawton, and

4) “It’s a Wonderful Life” mentioned by Darlene Allison.

If you are able (taking their ratings into account) to view these movies before we wrestle with them in church, our worship experience will be enhanced on those days. If we are able to remember that God speaks through the most unlikely people and in the most unlikely places to wake us to our need for him, we may just hear a word from the Lord.