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God Has an App for That


One of the technological innovations of recent years that has really caught on is the app. “App” is short for “application,” particularly a computer application that can be downloaded onto a mobile device, like a smartphone or computer tablet. Apps cover a wide range of interests, from games to research, from finance to prayer, from maps to shopping deals. Apps are designed to be specific programs that address practical issues with ready solutions.

Early in 2012, a pastor named Dudley Rutherford, from Los Angeles, California, wrote a book called God Has An App For That!  We are building our January sermon series from that book. It is based on the New Testament book of James, which is full of practical wisdom. This is how the inside of the book’s cover jacket puts it: “Whether you are battling to remain faithful to what you truly value in a culture in which trials and temptations abound – or if you are discouraged and in the midst of some type of great difficulty – God gives you practical ways to live out your faith. He shows you that He, indeed, has an app for every worldly problem and spiritual need you may face. When you download God’s apps, you are applying succinct truths from His Word, which will help solve your problems in the real world!”

The book is eight chapters long, from which we are developing a four-part sermon series for January. Each week we will delve into a passage from the book of James and apply it to some of the practical issues we face in our daily lives. During the worship service, we will have an “app” on the screen, and “click” on it to open up and see what resources lie within, as the sermon outline unfolds.


See below for the exact apps (sermon titles).

  • January 6 “Stress Reliever”  (James 1:1-8), Holy Communion and installation of church officers
  • January 13  “Heart Mender” (James 3:13-4:3, 7-8), Reaffirmation of Baptism
  • January 20 “Faith Worker”  (James 2:14-26), Children’s “hand band” video
  • January 27 “Healing Prayer” (James 5:13-20), Anointing with oil with prayers for healing