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In All Honesty


Many of us would say that we have a personal relationship with God. I don’t doubt for a minute that this is true. In hearing some of your stories, I can easily say that there is strength and depth in your connection with God that most certainly exceeds mine. At the same time, for all of us, there are barriers and thickets and clouds in that most important of relationships. Are we comfortable telling God about our most serious shortcomings? Do we go to God in that moment when we can’t bring ourselves to say something nice? Can we readily express our worries (which sure do make us look weak)? What about the things we’re fuming mad about? What about our “wants” that we don’t feel are worthy of God’s time? Are we really receptive to what God may want to say back to us? How dense are our barriers, thickets, and clouds, and how has that impacted us and others?

The Psalms have been helping people like us for a long time. This Lent, we will make the Psalms our best friends. We will share a sermon series called “In All Honesty” (March 5-April 2), where we will look to the Psalms for guidance in how to live a more fully honest life in relation to God, and we’ll explore the difference that makes. We’ll also share a Lenten study: “Praying the Psalms” (Thursdays, 7PM, March 9-April 6). Once the Psalms become a part of us, things change! Invite a friend and join us at St. Stephen’s this Lent!