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Living Your Dash


When our lives are recorded in history, they are often reduced to our name, along with the date of our birth and the date of our death. Connecting those two dates will be a simple dash. Everything between our birth and our death is hidden in that dash. This series will explore how we live our dash. What motivates our love for God and for one another; is it a desire to get into heaven, a desire to do good here on earth, a desire to live an honorable life, a sense of gratitude for what God has given us? What drives the way we live our dash? What difference does it make in our relationship with God, in our everyday actions?

November 3: All Saints Sunday celebration – “For Goodness’ Sake,” Luke 6:20-31.
November 10: “On My Honor,” Luke 7:1-10.
November 17: “For Heaven’s Sake,” Luke 20:27-38
November 24: Thanksgiving Sunday, “Out of Gratitude,” Luke 23:32-43