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Our Primary Relationship

Our Primary RelationshipOctober 2016MORE

How many vital, active relationships do you have? Setting aside acquaintances and counting those with whom you share a significant connection, what do you come up with? Of those, which are the most vital relationships? Which are the ones you consider crucial? Which are indispensable, enduring, and thoroughly healthy?

If we linger with this exercise long enough, we come to the point of understanding that our relationship with God is our truly primary relationship. It’s the one that can legitimately address our core needs and strengthen us so that we can bring health into our other relationships. If we can gain this vantage point, and work on developing this primary relationship, some other things start to fall into place. Whether it’s how to approach and cope with the looming presidential election, find our place in the new Adult Discipleship Plan at St. Stephen’s, or respond joyfully to our church’s fall stewardship campaign, approaching all things as a dialogue with God makes all the difference.

From October 16 through October 30, we’ll share a sermon series called “Our Primary Relationship” where we’ll take a look at how to identify and nurture this one relationship from which everything else flows. So, bring a friend and join us for worship in October!