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Quizzing Jesus: Life’s Big Questions


Have you ever noticed how Jesus interacts with people in the Gospels? Not just the words, but the manner, the style? How He meets people where they are, intuits their deep questions, and gives them big answers that they may not even realize they are asking for? For our new sermon series in March, we are borrowing from the book by Timothy Keller, Encounters with Jesus – Answers to Life’s Biggest Questions. We will explore a different encounter each week, as Jesus is quizzed by others, and the way He responds with profound and helpful answers.

 March 9: “The Great Enemy … Why Do We Face Trials?” – Matthew 4:1-11

March 16: “The Outsider … What Is Wrong with the World?” – John 4:5-42

 March 23: “The Insider … What Is Wrong with Self-Satisfaction?” – John 3:1-17

March 30: “The Skeptical Student … Where Should We Look for Answers?” – John 1:43-51

April 7: “The Grieving Sisters—Who Can Put the World Right? – John 11:17-45

April 13: Cantata, “Out of the Shadows”

April 17: (Maundy Thursday) “The Obedient Master…What Happens When Jesus Dies?” – Matthew 26: 36-44

April 18: (Good Friday)  Monologues at the Cross

April 20: (Easter) “The First Christian..How Can We Have Faith?”-John 20:1-18