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Star Trek: The Sermon Series


I don’t know much about Star Trek.  I can name a few of the characters and articulate some of the basic premise, but my understanding stops about right there.  I have known many people, however, who are very knowledgeable, which points to the tremendous impact of the series.  Star Trek is widely regarded as the most influential science fiction series in history. The original series, from the late 1960s, has led to five successor series (including 31 Emmy Awards and 140 nominations), twelve movies, and a multi-billion dollar industry known as the Star Trek Franchise.  In short, Star Trek has struck a chord and reached people on a very wide scale.

There is a new movie coming out on July 22nd: “Star Trek Beyond.”  The excitement surrounding this new chapter is ramping up.  The imaginations of many are ready to discover something new.  We here at St. Stephen’s want to be a part of this discovery process.  We believe we are in touch with a narrative that transcends all other narratives: the story of God’s creative, redeeming, and transforming work in the world through Jesus Christ.

From July 10th  through July 31st, we’ll share a sermon series called “Star Trek: The Original Sermon Series.”  We’ll focus on a different Star Trek character each week, through which we will rediscover how the amazing narrative of God’s story is indeed the most meaningful and compelling tale of all time.  This is a great opportunity to invite a friend who may enjoy the intersection of Star Trek and the Bible.  So, bring a friend and join us for worship in July!