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Please share your story

Our summer sermon series, which began July 19, was #storiesmatter. During this six week series, Pastor Mark featured the faith stories of several historical figures.

Faith stories are not, however, only a thing of the past. Each of us has a story that has been significant in our personal faith journey. Your story can impact greatly on the faith journey of others. We ask you to prayerfully think about your personal faith stories. We each grow in our own faith as we share our stories with one another. Perhaps you never thought of your story as significant because it seemed small at the time. As you reflect, however, you see the importance of its impact. Faith is a journey, always changing and growing. Other persons’ stories help us to change and grow in our journey too.

We invite everyone to share their faith story. You can submit your story to Carol Knachel at or in hard copy to the church office marked for Carol. We also invite you to share your story, or portions of it on social media. Tweet to us @ststephensburke, or post to our facebook wall  with the hashtag #storiesmatter. We know it may be difficult to condense it to fit twitter’s character limit, but we think you can find creative ways to make it work.

We will also be featuring stories each month in the Scroll, and on our website. Click HERE to read them.