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The Power of One


The Power of One Summer Sermon Series.

It is amazing what one person under the direction and power of God can do. This summer Pastor Marg will help us consider some of the unlikely characters in the Bible and what God did through them.

 July 13 – “Abraham – When the Future Looks Unclear”

July 20 – “Jacob – When You Want God’s Blessing”

July 27 – “The Power of One: Joseph – Lessons Learned in the Pit”

Aug. 3  – Exodus 3&4 “Moses – When You Think You Can’t”

Aug. 10 – Ruth 1:1-18 “Esther – When You Are Alone”

Aug. 17 – Ruth 2:5-7, 4:14 – “Esther – When You’re Looking for Purpose”

Aug. 24 – Nehemiah 4-6 (selected verses) “Nehemiah – When You Need to Hang in There”

Each Sunday will also feature a collectible gift for children. Collect all 8!  Together we will discover that with God, anything is possible. That’s the Power of One!