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What’s In a Name?

What’sIn a Name? St. Stephen and Us

Spring 2016 MORE

You have a given name. Do you know why you were given that name? Do you know its meaning? Do you know the origins of your surname? Even if we don’t know the answers to any of these questions, we are likely still very attached to our names. When someone makes a mistake and calls us by a different name, we might experience varying levels of irritation, but I don’t expect that we ever enjoy it. Our names are important to us.

Our name is St. Stephen’s United Methodist Church. It is a great name. It is important. I imagine that the more we come to learn about St. Stephen, the more the name’s importance might grow. The Bible does not share a lot about Stephen. However, what little we do get is profound. Stephen was a remarkable role model in the faith. Stephen’s life serves as a timeless example. The more we get to know Stephen, and follow his lead, the greater our resources for the journey. If we decide that we want to let our name’s sake teach us, our daily walk will only change for the better.

There are two opportunities for us to let this happen in the coming months. Beginning on May 22, we’ll share a sermon series called “What’s In a Name: St. Stephen and Us.” We’ll uncover what we do know about Stephen and how his example can guide our steps into a richer life of faith. On June25th, from 4-7PM, we’ll gather in Rutherford Park for “Stevie Fest,” as we celebrate our identity through fun, food, and music. Bring a friend and enjoy the life of our community in May and June!