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If you ever wondered what kind of impact you could make on our community, or what kind of an impact a weekend of service would make on your life, join St. Stephen’s on the weekend of October 3-5, 2014, for our 3-Day Impact weekend. Come and see what surprises God will bless us all with as we strive to find ways to transform our community and our world with the love we find in Christ Jesus.

Plans are underway for this weekend-long celebration to include our members, our families, our friends, and our neighbors of all capacities and interests in meaningful service. Here’s the plan:

DAY 1: Friday, Oct. 3

To kick-off the 3-Day Impact, we will offer our First Friday Green Groceries distribution. It’s our opportunity to share the love by giving away fresh produce, straight from God’s good creation. Most months we serve over 100 families in this program. Together we plan to make this an even bigger event than it always is. So, the 3-Day Impact starts on Friday October 3, from 4pm – 6pm.

DAY 2: Saturday, Oct. 4

St. Stephen’s will attack world hunger by packing and sending meals for hungry people with Stop Hunger Now. Last year, over 300 people, many of whom had never been to our church, together reached our goal of packing 50,000 meals for our 50th anniversary. This year we’re trying to do 51,000 for our 51st year of ministry. Plan to come, and bring your family and friends to this fun and meaningful event. There will be a D.J. while we work, and food trucks available for lunch afterward. Plan on it! October 4, 10am-1pm.

Sign up* to serve with us at Stop Hunger Now by filling out the form in the sidebar at right (below if you are on a mobile device).

*If you have already signed up for this year’s 2014 Stop Hunger Now event via our Stop Hunger Now landing page ( you do not need to sign up again here. Please only fill in the online form once. Thank you.

DAY 3: Sunday,Oct. 5

Every St. Stephen’s person will want to be a part of this special Mission Sunday. The word mission means “sent,” and so on this third-day of our 3-Day Impact, we will all come together and be “sent” out in a morning of service, reflecting Christ in our community. We’ll gather at 8:30am for praise, prayer, and last-minute logistics. After that, we’ll disperse like Christ’s disciples into one of 15 pre-planned local service opportunities. The service activities are planned carefully to be safe for all ages, friendly, easy to get to, and visible in the community. Sign-ups will be at the church throughout September so that everyone can choose which service project works best for them and their family.

The 3-Day Impact will have its deepest effect when we return to St. Stephen’s at 11:03 am for worship including communion, and a celebration meal afterwards.
The Bible is full of 3-Day Impacts: the stories of Abraham and Isaac, Moses and the Hebrews, Jonah and the Whale all have examples of three-day journeys or experiences that make a major impact. Most famously, it was Christ’s 3-day journey into death and then into resurrection that has impacted all of creation eternally. On October 3-5, we pray that Christ will again shine through during our very own 3-Day Impact. We can’t wait to see Him there!

For more information about First Fridays, please visit our First Fridays page.

For more information about Stop Hunger Now and to see a video of the impact we made last year please visit our Stop Hunger Now page.