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St. Stephen’s Blood Donation Ministry

One of St. Stephen’s most vital outreach ministries  —  one that literally saves lives  —  is our blood donation program.  In coordination with Inova Blood Donor Services, St. Stephen’s conducts three blood drives a year: January, May, and September.

Unfortunately, the need for blood is constant  —  every two seconds, someone in our community requires a blood transfusion.  Inova Blood Donor Services collects over 200 units of blood every day, supplying blood to 15 different hospitals in Northern Virginia and the greater D.C. metro area.  Sixty to seventy per cent of this blood comes from local blood drives.

While St. Stephen’s has been conducting blood drives for many years, starting in the 1980s,  accurate data from our earliest years are not available.  However, there are good numbers since 2002:

Number of drives:  35
Total number of units collected:  1478
Average number of units collected per drive:  42
Most units collected at one drive:  52 (January 2010)

There is no substitute for blood.  It can only come from one place: a volunteer blood donor.  Please consider becoming a part of this important, life-saving ministry… and look for more information about St. Stephen’s next blood drive in the September Scroll.

Our Next Blood Drive:

Every day, INOVA Blood Donor Services works to collect, test, and safeguard more than 250 units of blood to ensure a safe and ready supply for residents of Northern Virginia and surrounding areas.  However, recent studies have shown that only 37 percent of people in the United States are eligible to donate blood….and of these, fewer than 5 percent donate on a regular basis.   Currently, INOVA Blood Donor Services is in critically short supply of 5 of the 8 types of blood:  O+, O-, A+, B-, and AB-.

The next St. Stephen’s blood drive will be Monday, September 16, from 2:00 pm – 7:00  pm in the Fellowship Hall.

You are eligible to donate if you are in good health, weigh at least 110 pounds, are at least 17 years of age, and have not donated whole blood since July 22nd.  16-year-olds can donate with parental consent.  The “ALYX System” equipment will also be available for those who wish to donate “double reds.”

If you have previously signed up to donate, you will be contacted to confirm your appointment.  New donors are especially welcome.  Please consider being a blood donor and giving someone the “gift of life.”  Contact Roger Hartman to schedule an appointment or for more information:  703-425-7268;