September Sermon Series:


Living the Mission and Vision of Christ’s Church

Mission Statement of St. Stephen’s Church

Our mission is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

Vision Statement of St. Stephen’s Church

Receive Christ as the key to life, awake and alive, growing in knowledge and love of God.

Reflect Christ as the catalyst for community, inclusive and engaged, igniting mission and service for all.

Relay Christ as the call for a new generation, convinced and committed, sharing faith and hope with others.

In April 2011, after more than two years of prayer, congregational surveys, study, reflection, holy conferencing, drafts and revisions, the Church Council approved the current vision statement of St. Stephen’s United Methodist Church. The stated purpose of the vision was to focus the life and ministry of the congregation. In particular, the vision informed how we would focus our time, talent and financial support to meet the needs of our youth, the diversity in the community, and the mission of St. Stephen’s. In 2011, it was hoped that the new vision would serve the needs of St. Stephen’s for three to six years. More than eight years later, the vision of St. Stephen’s remains the same and continues to impact the life and ministry of St. Stephen’s. But how?

Beginning on Sunday, September 15, and continuing for three weeks, we will examine the vision of St. Stephen’s and the role of a vision in the life of the local church. Each week, we will focus on one of the three sentences of the vision. Our schedule is:

September 15: Receive Christ as the Key to Life

September 22: Reflect Christ as a Catalyst for Community

September 29 Relay Christ as the Call for a New Generation

Plan now to be part of the sermon series, RECEIVE, REFLECT, RELAY CHRIST. Together, we will learn more about how the vision statement was created and come to appreciate the difference between mission and vision, and the role of each in the life and ministry of St. Stephen’s. We will also examine what scripture says about the call to receive, reflect, and relay Christ as well as discern how everyone here at St. Stephen’s is being called to live our vision and mission.