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Current Sermon Series:

November 4-18, 2018

We sometimes have mixed feelings about the Bible. We usually like the New Testament a lot. We find it full of grace, forgiveness and hope. Then, we flip back to the beginning of the Bible and our reaction is often quite different. Many times, we find the Old Testament full of wrath and judgment. So, we flip back to the end and stay there. The New Testament is where Jesus clarifies everything, after all. So, we ask, “What’s the point of the Old Testament anyway?” Can’t we just do without it? Wasn’t that just the “dress rehearsal” for the real thing? Wasn’t that just a rough first draft of the final masterpiece?

From November 4 through November 18, we’ll share a sermon series called “So, What’s the Point of the Old Testament Anyway?” We’ll look at moments from the Old and New Testaments that parallel one another, showing how one needs the other to be fully understood. We will catch a glimpse of how the Bible as a whole has a fierce edge but that indeed the entirety of scripture is underscored by grace, forgiveness and hope. Let’s discover a love for the Old Testament. We’ll also share a Tuesday evening study (10/30-11/20) at 7:30 pm to go more deeply into the Old Testament. Bring a friend and join us for worship in November!