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Open Up...What's In the Bible?

Open Up…What’s in the Bible?

May 2017 MORE

If I open up the Bible, what am I going to find in there? Sure, I’ll find the Garden, Noah, Sarah, Abraham, Egypt, the wilderness, the promised land, Jesus, Peter, Paul, and Mary (not that Peter, Paul, and Mary). I’ll find all of this. But, where will all of this be found? What sort of a book is the Bible? More accurately, what sorts of books are in the Bible? Will we find a series of God’s newspaper articles to us, or does God speak in a variety of ways? What are those ways? If I open up the Bible, what am I going to find in there?

From April 30th through May 21st, we’ll share a sermon series called “Open Up: What’s in the Bible?” Over these five weeks, we’ll take a look at the varied types of writings contained in the Bible and, more importantly, why it matters that God speaks to us through this variety of genres. The better we understand what we’ll find when we open the Bible, the better God can speak to us and change our lives. Bring a friend and join us for worship in May!



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