November Sermon Series:

Prophet • Priest • King

A new three-week Sunday morning sermon series, Prophet Priest King: The Ministry of Jesus and his Followers, begins on Sunday, November 10th at St. Stephen’s Church. It will conclude on Christ the King Sunday, November 24th. At the 8:30 am, 9:45 am and 11:00 am services, we will be examining the Munus Triplex or the threefold office or ministry of Jesus and how his followers are called to live out these offices in each of our own ministries. In Jesus, the messianic hope of Israel was fulfilled, not only in Christ as king, but also the Priestly, and the Prophetic functions among the people of God. These offices have been for the work of our salvation and the salvation of the entire world.

John Wesley, the prime founder and shaper of the Methodist movement, writes in his Explanatory Notes Upon The New Testament of the threefold office and our need as fallen humans. Writing about the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 1, he notes, “The word “Christ” in Greek, and “Messiah” in Hebrew, signify “Anointed”; and imply the prophetic, priestly, and royal characters which were to meet in the Messiah. Among the Jews, anointing was the ceremony whereby prophets, priests, and kings were initiated into those offices. And, if we look into ourselves, we shall find a want of Christ in all these respects.” The “want of Christ” is reflected in the Munus Triplex, also known as “the Triple Cure,” referring to these offices of Christ providing the remedy for us in our fallen condition. I hope you will be present for our new series and will find one person to attend worship with you!