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Current Sermon Series:

Faith Flix

September 9 – 30, 2018

Methodists, generally speaking, don’t have different beliefs than other Christians, but Methodists certainly emphasize some of our Christian beliefs more than others. One of our emphasized beliefs is “prevenient grace.” Grace is God’s undeserved presence and favor. Prevenient means coming before. So, prevenient grace is God’s undeserved presence and favor working in a person’s life before he or she is asking for it, or even aware of it. Our lives are changed and healed when we do begin consciously inviting God’s grace to fill our hearts, but grace keeps knocking and knocking whether we ever hear the knocking or not.

So, if this “knocking” is everywhere and all the time, we ought to see some of this knocking occurring in the imaginations of film writers! Yes, we can expect to see God’s fingerprints in movies that didn’t even try to be religious.

From September 9-30, we’ll share a sermon series called “Faith Flix.” Over the course of these four weeks, we’ll see if we can hear the Lord speaking through four movies:

  1.  “On a Clear Day” (PG-13) (September 9)
  2.  “A Beautiful Mind” (PG-13) (September 16)
  3.  “The King’s Speech” (R) (September 23), and
  4.  “Up” (PG) (September 30).

If you are able (taking their ratings into account) to view these movies before we think about them in church, our worship experience will be enhanced on those days. If we are able to remember that Jesus speaks through the most unlikely people and in the most unlikely places to wake us to our need for him, we may just hear a word from God. Bring a friend and join us for worship at our BBQ kickoff on September 9 and throughout the rest of the month!