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Read With Us: Reaching Out by Henri Nouwen

Can you name a Christian who helped you love Jesus? I’m sure you can. You can probably name several. Who comes to mind? A parent? A grandparent? A Sunday School teacher? A friend? Others? Those people are undoubtedly special. They have impacted your life in ways that have left you grateful. They may have impacted other lives too.

What if you found out that there’s a Christian who has helped millions of people love Jesus? Wouldn’t you want to get to know this person? Of course, there have been many such people, and the more fervently we seek them out, the richer we are for it. This is part of what we’re trying to facilitate through our Adult Discipleship Plan, which is found on our website. Under “Scripture Study: Practicing,” we have a reading list. This is a selection of classic books by Christians who have helped millions of people love Jesus and understand the Bible better. Let’s read one together.

From June 25 though July 9, we’ll share a sermon series called “Read With Us.” We’ll dig into the book Reaching Out, by Henri Nouwen, a classic on the Christian spiritual life. Over these three weeks, we’ll allow a Christian, who has helped millions of people love Jesus, help us love Jesus even more. Please consider picking up a copy and reading it in June. Bring and friend and join us for worship!

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