January 2020 Sermon Series:

“Eureka!” is an exclamation that celebrates a new discovery or invention! It was first attributed to the Ancient Greek mathematician and inventor Archimedes, when he had his scientific epiphany while taking a bath approximately 2,250 years ago! Archimedes “discovered” the relation between weight and volume! Other men and women, whether it was Sir Isaac Newton, John Wesley, Gertrude Elion or Jane Goodall have had their revelations or epiphanies when they discovered something new! Of course, before each of these discoveries, these people devoted themselves to their fields of study! During the Eureka! sermon series, through the power of the Holy Spirit, we will devote ourselves to discovering more about Jesus that we might have our own epiphanies and “eureka!” moments about Jesus and what he means to the lives of everyone who call themselves his “disciples!” Eureka! Join the discoveries this January, beginning on Epiphany Sunday!

DateScriptureMessage Title
January 5, 2020Matthew 2:1-12Overwhelmed with Joy!
January 12, 2020Matthew 3:13-17This is the One!
January 19, 2020John 1:29-42Lamb of God!
January 26, 2020Matthew 4:12-25The One Who Calls!