God’s grace is always leading us somewhere, and at St. Stephen’s the first place we are lead is into community.

 Step 1: Starting Point

This is an introductory session designed for our newest guests and is hosted every 6 to 8 weeks over lunch with the pastors. Contact Pastor Jiyeon for more information.

Step 2: Disciple’s Path

This is a 7 week small group experience that is offered several times each year and helps to guide individuals in the discipleship process. A great experience for those new to the faith AND for those who’ve been life-long Christians. It is our hope that everyone desiring to join the church will participate in this experience. Contact Pastor Jiyeon for more information.

Step 3: Join a class or small group.

St. Stephen’s offers a variety of Sunday School classes, year-long small groups, as well as periodic 4 – 8 week shorter studies and small groups. Contact Pastor Rob  for more information about adult education opportunities, or email Tammy Lydon for information about St. Stephen’s music groups.

Step 4: Meet your Shepherd Group leader.

St. Stephen’s Shepherd Groups help grow relationships and facilitate pastoral care within your neighborhood. Contact Pastor Forrest for more information.

Step 5: Connect with your Ministry Coach

Ministry Coaches are St. Stephen’s members who have volunteered to help other St. Stephen’s members grow in their faith. Contact Pastor Jiyeon for more information.

Step 6: Become a member.

If you are interested in becoming a member of St. Stephen’s, please Contact Pastor Jiyeon.