God’s grace, through spiritual practices, help to develop our faith; and one of the gifts God gives us in this development is a new posture in the world: a new frame of mind or disposition towards God, ourselves, and our neighbor. Grace and our response to it forms in us the postures of Gentleness, Faithfulness, Humility, Patience, Self-Control, and Meekness.

  • Participate in a New Horizon Group (3-5 members meet monthly to share and find encouragement for living the postures: Patience, Gentleness, Meekness, Self-Control, Humility, and Faithfulness

    • Patience: Long-suffering with people, circumstances, self, and with God.
    • Gentleness: Beyond respectfulness, cherishing and treating with great care others, self, and God.
    • Faithfulness: A belief in, and an enduring commitment to, people, communities, and God.
    • Self-Control: Confronting temptations and living into deeply held values.
    • Meekness: Being quick to listen and slow to judge.  Allowing others first place.  Living in proper proportion to God.
    • Humility: Living in a way that does not feed or regard the ego, seeking God’s will and the best for others.

      New Horizon Groups

    • New Horizon Groups are centered on growing in the postures of humility, patience, faithfulness, self-control, meekness, and gentleness.  This growth helps us live more fully into the “Great Commandment”:  Loving God with all heart , soul, mind, strength, and loving neighbor as self.
    • During every meeting, each member will share how he/she is progressing and/or struggling in a particular posture.  The sharing will ideally remain at a deep level, where emotions, serious questions, motivations, temptations, personality traits, life events, relationships, disappointments, longing, excitement, new decisions, plans, and breakthroughs are all part of the sharing.
    • Group members will listen and support each member, but will not attempt to “fix” the others.  No one will be seen as a success or a failure.  We’re all on the same journey!
    • Email Pastor Rob to find out how to get started.
  • Adopt a posture for the year – an area of intentional growth

    • Choose one of the Postures and develop an easy-to-follow plan for how you will make that Posture a priority for you this year.  What are three things you will do this year to grow in this Posture?  Share your plan with someone you trust and ask him or her to hold you accountable to your plan.
  • Attend an annual retreat

  • Find a spiritual director

  • Seek out other practices you find to be means of grace.