St. Stephen’s has a reputation of being a friendly church and has a long tradition of caring. Examples of some of our caring programs include:

Baptism Bibs which lovingly creates and donates a unique “Jesus loves me” bib to babies who are baptized at St. Stephen’s, welcoming them to our church family.

Bereavement Committee which assists with funerals and memorial services as well as the associated receptions for the family and friends.

Card Ministry which sends cards to lift up those who are facing illness, loss or other crisis as well as to celebrate joys such as welcoming babies and celebrating marriages. The congregation is encouraged to sign the cards each Sunday in the Welcome Center.

Communion and Compassion which shares already-consecrated bread and juice in a caring visit to those who are unable to attend church services in our sanctuary.

Home for the Holidays in which we match those who will be alone on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day, and would prefer some company, with a family who will welcome and celebrate with them.

Military Care Packages which sends food, treats, hygiene and personal items to meet immediate and long range needs of service personnel, and to assure them of our concern and prayers.

Nurse, Health Professional and Educator Team which promotes health and wellness through monthly blood pressure checks in our Gathering Space on Sunday mornings.

Prayer Chain which confidentially passes along requests for prayers and follows up by praying for those in need. Prayer requests may be submitted via email to prayerchain [at]

Prayer Shawl Ministry which lovingly knits, crochets, and quilts a variety of items to wrap the receivers in God’s warm embrace during times of serious illness or great sadness.

Shepherd Groups which provide support and fellowship within neighborhoods to demonstrate that St. Stephen’s cares about each and every one of us.

Stephen Ministry in which trained Christian caregivers provide confidential and non-judgmental care for those who are hurting and in need. Beginning October 2012, this ministry expanded to include the new HEROES Care program which cares for local military personnel and their families before, during and after deployments.

Thinking Of You is an in-reach program in which we call or send postcards to those we miss, telling them that we care about them. This is not an attendance program but an expression of sincere friendship and caring that comes from personal or small-group connections. Everyone is encouraged to participate by making a call or sending a card.

These caring ministries reflect Christ’s love for us and allow us to serve and assist each other. Please let us know if you would like some help. We care about you!