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St. Stephen’s Email Lists:

  • The Scroll: The Scroll is our monthly newsletter.
  • Youth Ministry: Subscribers to this list will receive updates and information about youth ministry programs, opportunities, events, and activities.
  • Emergency Announcements: In the case of an emergency or closing related to our building or community, this list will be notified.
  • News and Information: Subscribers to this list will receive weekly announcements and information about the ministries at St. Stephen’s.
  • Children’s Ministry: Subscribers to this list will receive weekly updates and information about our children’s ministry.
  • Grace Ministries: Subscribe to this list if you are interested in volunteering with, or learning more about, our monthly Grace Ministries service opportunity.

Questions about our email lists? Please contact our  Director of Communications Rob Paine at 703-978 -8724, Ext. 110