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We are glad you are here! Our  Get Involved page offers up easy ways to get involved at St. Stephen’s. Please check back regularly  for new events and series being offered at St. Stephen’s Church in Burke, Va. 

A Season of Joy :

The Advent Season has begun and we are glad you are here! St. Stephen’s Church, located online at and in-person at 9203 Braddock Road, Burke, Va., 22015, offers many fun and family friendly opportunities for fellowship and reflection  during the Advent season. We look forward to meeting you and  to worshiping with you!

For complete rundown of worship, fellowship, family events and holiday volunteer opportunities, visit and share !

Adult Sunday School at St. Stephen's

St. Stephen’s Church  offers a wide variety of Sunday school classes for adults. Currently, adult Sunday school classes meet online on Zoom. Each class has its own personality and focus. All are welcome.   View our current slate of class offerings here. 

Donate Blood at St. Stephen's on MLK Day, Jan 17, 2022

Thank you to everyone who made our Sept. 20th blood drive a success. Our next St. Stephen’s/INOVA Blood Drive,  will be on the Martin Luther King Jr. National Day of Service, Monday, Jan. 17, 2022. Click here to reserve your spot now to save a life! The blood drive returns to the indoor fellowship hall on Jan 17th!

Next Green Groceries Friday, December 3rd

The next Green Groceries/First Friday food distribution will be Friday, December 3rd, at St. Stephen’s United Methodist Church in Burke at 5 p.m. It is open to all and there is no registration. If you know someone in need, please tell them about this drive-in event,  thank you!    If you would like to volunteer to support this event, visit First Friday Volunteers. 

Next Grace Ministries Distribution December 18th

If you would like to volunteer to help this worthy event in an upcoming month, please sign up at Volunteer with Grace . The September  Grace Ministries event will be held  Saturday, December 18th, 2021. If you would like to volunteer to support this event, please click here. 

Volunteer to Help Our Neighbors in Need

Help Those In Need

Volunteer to support our First Fridays and

Grace Ministry Food and Clothing Distribution Programs

Beginning August 28th Grace Ministries is expanding its distribution. We are seeking 15 additional volunteers to help Aug. 28, at at 6 a.m., and for 12 volunteers to help with prep Aug. 27th.  Sign up now by visiting Grace Ministry  Volunteers.

We also also seeking volunteers for our other distribution program, First Fridays/Green Groceries which takes place  the first Friday of each month. To volunteer to support this program  please visit First Friday Volunteers

Thank you for your support!

Unaccompanied Youth Ministry

Did you know that St Stephen’s offers scholarships each year to up to four homeless high school students entering college?  An “unaccompanied youth” is a young person who has no fixed place to stay. They have often experienced trauma, which could include one or both parents dying, being kicked out of their home or leaving home for safety reasons. These young people show great resilience – keeping up their grades and seeking a better life through education. Everyone can help by keeping these young people in your prayers. If you’re interested in this ministry and would like to know more, please fill out a an online connect card and reference Unaccompanied Youth Ministry.

The St. Stephen’s Prayer Chain

The St. Stephen’s prayer chain is one of our church’s oldest and strongest ministries. It was established many years ago, using what is now considered an outdated method of communication: the call-down telephone tree.

Today, the 43 St. Stephen’s members currently participating in the prayer chain receive prayer requests electronically, as members of an e-mail address group. They then offer up their prayers in ways, words and at times of their own choosing. Nothing is scripted, and everyone is free to pray as often and for as many days/weeks as they wish; there are no “expiration dates” on any prayer chain requests.

As the Bible verse above says, our prayers can be a powerful and effective way to offer our love, concern and support for our members in need. There can never be too many prayers.

If you  would like to join the prayer chain, please contact Roger Hartman by filling out an online contact card on our Connect Page or call the church office at (703) 978-8724.