Take the Real Discipleship Online Survey

Instructions below.

What is the purpose of this survey?

As part of the Next Level Innovation (NLI) initiative, St. Stephen’s Church has access to the Real Discipleship Survey online. This free and Confidential online survey is available to everyone at St. Stephen’s.  The  personalized survey  results  you will  receive  will give you a better idea where you are on your spiritual journey and will also  support planning for programs and ministries at St. Stephen’s.  The survey should take about 7- 15 minutes.

There are three steps to completing the survey : 

1. Create a free survey account, so you can take the survey and also access your results and even take the survey again to chart your progress on your journey. 

2.  Login to your newly created account.

3. Take the survey!

Thank you for taking this short survey.  If you have any questions please call the church office.

Please note : We want everyone to participate in this survey.   IF  you share an email address with others, subsequent people that share that email address who are taking the survey should use “name@noemail.com” when creating an account.

Below is an expanded version of the instructions for completing the survey.  All answers you provide will remain confidential.

  1.  Sign Up for the survey at  https://discipleshipsurvey.com/  When you enter this page,  click the blue button that reads “Use Your Church’s Access Code” The  free access code: PEACEANDJOY (All caps, no spaces)
    Once you enter the free code, your will see the following message : “Conference Code Validated,” then click “Continue.”
  2. Create an Account. In order to take the survey, you will need to enter an email addresses and create your own personal password. You want to create an account to have future access to your results and even take the survey again. You will  also be asked to choose the name of your church. Please choose  “Saint Stephen’s UMC (Alexandria District)” on the scroll down bar. You will also  be asked if you would like to complete the survey in English or in Spanish.  After filling out the above, please click “Join.”

After clicking the Join button, a new screen will appear with the word “Success” on it. You will then be asked to login using the email and password you just created and you can complete your profile and  take survey. 

Completing Your Profile and Answering the Survey

Helpful hints : In the upper right hand of the survey webpage there is an option to take a short tutorial that you may find helpful. 

After logging in, you will see a page with your name on it  and two blue boxes, one that says “Take Survey” and another that says “Edit Profile.”  Please click on the “Edit Profile” button first to review and select all the group(s) to which you belong.  Simply choose YES for those groups to which you belong. Click the “Update” button and then click the “Return” on the far right side of the page which will take you to the survey!

Please click on colored boxes to see full page view of survey

After your click on the “Take Survey” button,  you will see the the colorful grid shown here, that includes 24 color coded boxes with different descriptions pertaining to how we interact with our faith and with the church.

Your goal is to pick one box from each color group that has the description that best fits you. Once you choose a box, the rest of the boxes in that color group will go grey, meaning you cannot pick a second box in that  group. Repeat this process for all six color groups.

After completing the survey use the blue “Submit Survey” button. Your  results will then be displayed. You may also select to view additional information or have your results sent to your email.  You may use https://discipleshipsurvey.com/1/member_login.php to log in and view your results at any time. You will also be able to retake the survey at a later date in order to measure changes in your discipleship  over time.

If you cannot take the Real Discipleship survey online, we can send you a paper version. You will need to mail it back to St. Stephen’s Church, 9203 Braddock Road, Burke, VA 22015, and someone will be able to include your results in this important survey, but you will not be able to access the results data as outlined above.  Please call the church office at (703) 978-8724 with any questions. Thank you for taking this important survey!