So many ways to  keep in touch with your church

As part of St. Stephen’s Church’s ongoing response to the COVID-19 situation while its building is closed, the church staff is constantly expanding its social media efforts and looking for new and innovative ways to reach our congregation and our community so everyone can keep connected while “staying home and staying safe.”

How you can  conveniently view our online worship services

and listen to our pastors uplifting messages :

Watch our online worship services on our Vimeo page at

• Listen to St. Stephen’s sermon podcasts on Spotify and   on Apple Podcasts

• If you do not have internet, you can listen to our messages on the phone by dialing 571-497-4373

Subscribe to our church emails by visiting  Subscribe to St. Stephen’s Church Emails

Follow, comment on and share our Facebook posts on the St. Stephen’s by visiting

Follow, comment on and share our tweets on Twitter by visiting

We are livestreaming our online worship service on YouTube, at 11 a.m., every Sunday with a chat feature allowing you to interact with other worshippers. Our livestream service at 11 a.m. replaces our pre-recorded online worship that used to be available at 8:30 a.m., Sundays. The livestream will be archived and available for viewing at your convenience on Vimeo  by 2 p.m.,Sunday.  A replay of the service with chat replay will also be available on YouTube in the late evening, Monday.

Read The New Year’s Scroll

A printed version of the  New Year’s Scroll was mailed to everyone on the St. Stephen’s  Church mailing list shortly before Christmas. If you have not received your’s in the mail, you should be seeing it soon.  You also can download and  view a PDF of the full newsletter here!

The PDF version includes clickable links on nearly every item in the 12-page booklet. The St. Stephen’s Communications Department created the new edition and welcomes your feedback.

Click here to share your thoughts and what you would like to see included in upcoming Scrolls.

Thank you to all the groups and individuals who contributed to the new Scroll. Thank you also to the volunteer St. Stephen’s Photo Ministry and church Communications Committee for their support.

Happy New Year from The Scroll!

Zoom Meetings at St. Stephen's United Methodist Church

A sample of regularly scheduled St. Stephen’s Zoom Meetings

The full current Zoom Meeting Schedule at St. Stephen’s (As of September  1, 2020) is below.

Do you know of a Zoom meeting or online Sunday School class  at St. Stephen’s that is not on this list? Please contact our webmaster Rob Paine by calling  703-978-8724 ext. 110 or by clicking Contact Webmaster.

Cherub Choir & PreK-K Sunday School Sundays 9:30-10:00 AM 882 3292 5762
1st-6th grade Sunday School Sundays 10:15-10:45 AM 882 3292 5762
Maranatha Tue 9:30 AM 356 997 178 9788724
Chancel Choir Mon 7:00 PM 989 1902 4337 Oc1Lur
Ladies Bible Study Wed 9:30 AM changes weekly
Ladies Bible Study Mon 7:30 PM changes weekly
Monday Morning Devotional  Mondays 9:00 AM    Facebook Live on St. Stephen’s Facebook Page

Adult Sunday School Classes

Lessons of Joy Sunday School Class

When : 10 a.m. Sundays

Where : On Zoom

What : A Bible study group

How to Join : All are welcome. Please contact class leader Jay Evans at

for  more info  and  complete Zoom access links.

A photo of a recent online Zoom meeting with young members of St. Stephen’s and Pastor Jiyeon (top-center)

Have you “Zoomed” yet?

If you need assistance using Zoom, please contact our office at 703-978-8724 and we can arrange for one of our team to help you.

Tips for using Zoom video conferencing

Important things to remember

1. You do not have to sign up for Zoom to use it.

You will receive email invitation from most Zoom online meetings organized by St. Stephen’s. When you receive an invitation all you need to do to take part is click on the meeting link at the scheduled time of the meeting.

2. You do not have be on video to take part in a Zoom meeting. Some folks are understandably camera shy. When using Zoom, there is an option to share your voice and audio only.

3. To be able to easily access both the video and audio portion of a Zoom meeting, the best web browser to use is Chrome, a browser which is free and easy to download if you currently do not use. it.

4. Most Zoom meetings also have a phone in option, if you do not have internet access or do not wish to use your computer.

If you would like to set up an appointment with St. Stephen’s staff to get help on using Zoom, please call the church offie at 703-978-8724.

To view a short video on  how to use Zoom, please click on Zoom Video Tutorial or on the Zoom logo above.  If you have additional questions on using Zoom, please contact the church office at 703-978-8724

For even more info and tech tips for taking part in a Zoom meeting, please visit

If you received our printed newsletter mailed to church members in May, 2020, on how to stay connected with St. Stephen’s during these challenging times, you can  download a PDF of the newsletter full of helpful links with this  clickable link  (including a special PDF-only content bonus on the back page or you can leaf through our AnyFlip version by clicking on the Staying Connected to St. Stephen’s box above.  Thanks for reading this important newsletter.