Kindergarten Readiness

Elementary school teachers have “raved” about the preparation of our “graduates”, as having a well-balanced social and academic foundation. We strive to keep activities at all levels very fun, challenging and successful. Some of the ways we prepare your child for an excellent kindergarten year include:

  • Handwriting Without Tears (fine motor development)
  • Phonological/Phonemic Awareness (letter/sound recognition, reading and writing readiness)
  • Direction Following (receptive language and comprehension), Memory and Retrieval exercises
  • Vocabulary Building/Speech/expressive and pragmatic language, speak in a small and large group
  • Logical Thinking and Problem Solving
  • Math Our Way, AIMS (Activities Integrating Mathematics and Science), Hands-On Standards (manipulatives, graphing, sequencing, patterning) and a STEM focus
  • Executive thinking skills–focus, self-control, making connections, self-directed to initiate/complete tasks
  • Opportunities for problem solving and character building


Resource Teachers

Our preschool has separate resources teachers that further reduce student-teacher ratios. Our resource teachers facilitate:

  • Interaction strategies for group games
  • Breaking down fine and /or gross motor tasks
  • Modeling how to initiate and sustain friendships
  • Verbal exchanges to improve vocabulary and speech


Specialized Screening Services/Parent Resource Service

We partner with parents to help children develop their social, motor and academic skills.

  • Parent/Teacher conferences
  • Speech, Language, & Hearing Screenings
  • Vision Screenings
  • “Spark Program” – 20-minute daily gross motor/sensory integration
  • Fairfax County Child Find or private referrals (when appropriate)
  • Parent Library and support programs