The Newest St. Stephen's Scroll Newsletter

Please click here or on The Scroll cover below  to download the 2021 Summer  Scroll

The Scroll is the newsletter of St. Stephen’s Church in Burke, Va. It is designed and edited by Rob Paine, communications director at St. Stephen’s. If you have any feedback or comments on the new or past Scrolls or have suggestions and story ideas for upcoming Scrolls, please contact Rob by clicking here.

The next Scroll is scheduled to be published in late-August. The deadline for  the issue, which will cover the months of September and October, is August  8th, 2021.

Thanks to everyone who contributed material for this edition and to the volunteers of the St. Stephen’s Photo Ministry for its great work. If you would like a printed copy of future Scrolls mailed to your home, please contact the church office by filling out a request on our Connect page.  Thank you! Below are some past issues of The Scroll.