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SSUMC Online service

Last Sunday, St. Stephen’s Church  began holding a weekly online worship service after the church’s building was closed in reaction to the  COVID-19 situation. While St. Stephen’s has regularly posted videos of its pastors’ sermon on its Vimeo page, showing a complete worship service in an empty Sanctuary while  practicing safe social distancing  was somewhat of a departure. Below are some more photos the service which featured Pastor Rob, Pastor Forrest and Pastor Jiyeon, produced and recorded by St. Stephen’s Director of Media Ministries Mike Faunda. To view next this Sunday’s online worship service, please visit  on Sunday beginning at 8:30 a.m. (Photos by Rob Paine/St. Stephen’s Church)

St. Stephen’s Senior Pastor Rob Robertson, right, talks with Pastor Forrest Teague, left,  and Pastor Jiyeon Kim, center,  before the beginning of last Sunday’s online service. To learn more about St. Stephen’s, please visit

St. Stephen’s Director of Media Ministries Mike Faunda adjusts a microphone and meets with pastors (photo at right) before last Sunday’s online service.

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Pastor Jiyeon speaks during the Children’s Moment during St. Stephen’s online service last week.

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