Dive Deeper Into God’s Word in 2022:

During 2022, everyone is invited to dive into God’s Word. Reading God’s Word is important for everyone who wants to know God and God’s will more and more. Instead of reading through the whole bible in a year or through the New Testament in a year, everyone is encouraged to join in reading deeply through several books of the Bible in 2022.

Our readings will come from both the Hebrew scriptures and the New Testament. There will be five readings each week, Monday through Friday. Plus, there will be an optional Zoom discussion each month starting at 7:30p.m. for one hour. The link for the monthly discussion is here. We start at the beginning of God’s Word, Genesis. Genesis means “origin”, and our readings in Genesis will cover the time of creation, origins of the nation of Israel and Israel journey to Egypt. Despite challenges we will see the people of God being moved toward God’s future. Join us in reading and discussing Genesis. Download the full schedule here.

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