Join Our Family!

Our ministry helps connect youth grades 7-12 to a loving environment that fosters a relationship with God and our neighbor. We are a judgement-free community focused on providing three main things: education towards fostering spiritual growth, tons of fun activities, and an extensive support network.

Our main youth events Sunday School, Youth Group, McDonald’s, and Coffee+ are scheduled throughout the school year and take summer break off with the rest of the world, but we have plenty of special summer activities from week-long service projects to overnight lock-ins!

Sunday School

When: Every Sunday @10:00am

Where: Room M9   

Our Sunday School Teachers: Betty Baumgartner, Lin Hoffman, Katherine Jedlicka

Youth Group

When: Every Sunday @7:00pm

Where: Youth Room and Fellowship Hall   

Our youth coaches: Dan Watkins, Stacy Armstrong, Jim Vant, Butch Hammel, Tom Bradley, Devin Caldwell, Blaise Catala

McDonald’s Mondays

When: Every Monday after school @3:00pm

Where: King’s Park Shopping Center   

Coffee+ Tuesdays

When: Every Sunday 10:00

Where: Room M9.   

Our Sunday School Teachers: Betty Baumgartner, Lin Hoffman, and Katherine Jedlicka

Youth Highlights