Prayer Chain

The St. Stephen’s prayer chain is one of our church’s oldest and strongest ministries. It was established many years ago, using what is now considered an outdated method of communication: the call-down telephone tree.

Today, the 43 St. Stephen’s members currently participating in the prayer chain receive prayer requests electronically, as members of an e-mail address group. They then offer up their prayers in ways, words and at times of their own choosing. Nothing is scripted, and everyone is free to pray as often and for as many days/weeks as they wish; there are no “expiration dates” on any prayer chain requests.

As the Bible verse above says, our prayers can be a powerful and effective way to offer our love, concern and support for our members in need. There can never be too many prayers.

If you would like to join the prayer chain, please contact Roger Hartman by filling out an online contact card on our Connect Page or call the church office at (703) 978-8724.